Pyramid Mountain from Beauvert Lake, Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Pyramid Mountain from Beauvert Lake, Jasper, Alberta, Canada


I’m a career journalist, focused on public policy decisions made in Washington, DC, and the impact they have on the economic well-being of voters. I have years of experience reporting on legislative actions, regulatory enforcement of those actions, and the efforts of interested parties to influence both.

In 2012, I collaborated with Bob Woodward, associate editor of the Washington Post on his New York Times best-seller, The Price of Politics. In his note at the beginning of the book, Bob wrote, “Rob…is one of the best natural editors and reporters I have ever worked with.”

In 2013, working with Pro Publica, a co-author and I published the results of a lengthy investigation that revealed major flaws in the Food and Drug Administration's handling of fraud in clinical drug trials.

I also spent several years as National Correspondent in the Washington bureau of the Fiscal Times, an online news organization focused on US economic and fiscal policy.

In addition to the publications where I've worked directly, my work has appeared in various media, including, The Washington Post, The New York Times,,,, The, CFO Magazine, Business Insider, Bank Investment Consultant Magazine, US Banker Magazine, Columbia Magazine, Money Laundering Alert, The American Prospect,, New Jersey Monthly Magazine, and Entrepreneurial Edge Magazine.